Carpet Cleaning

With our equipment we can put up to 240 degrees of steam to your carpet ensuring when we leave the carpet will be dry or almost dry and free of any bacteria, dust mites, pet odors and much more.

Not all carpet cleaning services are created equally; choose a company with a great reputation for service and excellence, and one with years of experience behind them. The professionals at All-City Building Maintenance are dedicated to providing our clients with superior service.

All carpet cleanings include pre-spray, deodorizer, pet odor removal and minor spot removal at no extra charge.

Encapsulation Maintenance
Extend the life of your office’s carpet with our Encapsulation Maintenance Program. Encapsulation carpet cleaning is a
planned packaged maintenance program which includes as many as three encapsulation cleanings between a Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning.

The Encapsulation Cleaning Process
The encapsulation process begins with spraying our commercial cleaner and crystalline polymer solution to your carpet. The solution is then brushed into the fibers of the carpet with our PowerPro Brush Machine. This helps us to ensure that the solution is thoroughly worked into the carpet and is able to do its job.

As soon as the solution is applied, it begins to surround existing dirt, oil, and other embedded particles. The solution then crystallizes around the particles, forming a coating, so that they can no longer attract more soil. These dirt particles can now be easily whisked away with regular vacuuming.

Our encapsulation maintenance program offers several benefits for your business’ carpeting.

  • cimexRemove stains and spots from the surface
  • Helps to resist future soiling
  • Exceptional appearance
  • Includes All-City’s Hot Water Extraction
  • Clean carpets all year long

As a business owner, you never want to miss an opportunity to have your doors open to your customers and employees. All-City Carpet Cleaning is able to quickly and efficiently apply our encapsulation cleaning process in order to minimize your business’ down time. Our professional cleaning technicians can be in and out of the job in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods.

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Six Steps to Expert Carpet Cleaning

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) has set the gold standard for professional carpet care and cleaning. All-City Carpet Cleaning adheres to their principles by following the six steps listed below:

carpetcleaningRemoval of dry soil.

A deep vacuuming is performed, using agitation and high quality filters to remove a large percentage of particulate.


Applying a preconditioning solution.

This solution is designed to separate the soils from the carpet fibers.


Agitation of the preconditioning solution.

Agitation ensures maximum contact between the solution and the fibers.


Soil removal with a hot water rinse.

There is a reason that this is the most commonly used method of soil extraction a hot water rinse is a highly effective method of soil removal. A truck mounted, high efficiency system is capable of removing both the cleaning solution and any particulates residing in your carpet.



Used to improve the overall appearance of your carpeting, grooming can help restore the pile and eliminate any matting.



This is a critical step in the cleaning process, as a damp carpet can cause odors or accidents and attract soil. Most carpets take between two and six hours to thoroughly dry.

Urine Removal Process

We Even Clean Area Rugs

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